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home corral

stock color..chagolla green

cal-city airport toy...

"Like a bright shiny new penny"

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home corral
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home corral

stock color..chagolla green
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Car Info

Year 1969
Make Ford
Interior Mods mach 1 interior seating
Exterior Mods magnum 500 rims/michelin x radial tires
Notes stock color..chagolla green


    By carenthusiast on 4/25/2009 2:04am
    Great car my are really lucky...
    By Goose on 2/15/2009 2:15pm
    My thoughts on this car,oddly enough,are very remenisent,nostalgic and filled with gratitude of A time gone by.Very glad to have been there,seen what I saw,did what I had done and captured alot of memories in my minds eye.I know these cars and things of the past are not to be worshiped,but they lead me to people and people is what it really is all about,its the people that make these things and its the people that God really cares about.Thats why i'm grateful to have the opportunity to own this particular car and glad its still here to be enjoyed.


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